Regan's Cornvalley scripts and sundries

I have done a number of programs for Peak, myself, and for hire. Generally when I do small jobs for hire, I use code and ideas from previous projects and retain rights to do what I want with the code so that I can use it elsewhere.

These programs were all written for specific purposes. If the programs were actually put into use, they probably work fairly well for that use, but may need work at another site. If the program wasn't put into use, there may still be significant bugs.

Use these programs at your own risk.

Project list described here:

A simple CGI program for processing forms.
A Web front end for a popular mailing list server
A simple CGI program to generate arithmetic excercises.
A random image generation program.
A simple HTML preprocessor.
Web calendar generator
Take a list of activities and make a set of calendar pages.
Word search puzzle generator
Build a word search puzzle.
VI through RCS
Check files out from RCS, edit, and then check back in.


FillInForm program is a simple CGI program which processes forms. It allows for the completed form to be viewed, and then sends the message off via email or to a logging directory.

Majorodomo - A Web front end for a popular mailing list server

The majordomo mail list server is a quite popular. Unfortunately many people cannot seem to get themselves off of a mailing list to the annoyance of all.

The majordomo CGI program is a simple program which generates requests to the appropriate majordomo server. This program does not even need to be installed on your server to make use of it.


The math program is a simple CGI program to generate arithmetic problems based upon certain parameters that the user can select.

A random image generation program

randimg program is a trivial program to generate an image from a directory of images each time it is called.

Webc - A Simple Web Compiler

webc program is a simple preprocessor which adds a few commands to standard HTML. This allows some of the features of Server Side Includes such as file inclusion, but done once instead of when the file is sent to the client by the server. The syntax is more remenisent of the C preprocessor than of SSI.

Webc also allows perl code to be called from your HTML files. This allows you to have stock boilerplate text but have custom HTML generated by code inserted into the appropriate places.

The webc can also be used (with restrictions) in a CGI environment. This allows most of the HTML code to be edited and maintained in a traditional fashion, and only the variant parts need to be generated by Perl code.

I have used this program in a number of applications, and it does its job quite nicely.

Web calendar generator

The web.calendar program is used to generate a set of calendar web pages. The events can include HTML codes so that there can be links from the calendar to other web resources.

Word Search puzzle generator

wordsearch program is used to generate word search puzzles.

Vi through RCS

vic program is a simple wrapper program for vi (or whatever your $VISUAL environment variable is set to) that checks out a file from RCS, edits it, and then checks it back in.


Last modified 13 Mar 2010
Dave Regan