Webc -- A web compiler

Version _"1.0"_

webc is a simple compiler which translates source files into HTML output. The source language looks strongly like HTML code with a bit of a deranged C preprocessor thrown in.

Note that there are other programs around which do some of what this package does as well as other things. One such is PHP. These other programs may suit your needs better than webc. On the other hand, this is a small program which can be quickly changed as needed, and more importantly, augmented with Perl code in a fairly simple fashion. It works for me.

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You can obtain a full package from this at: webc-0.62.tar.gz. This file can be extracted on a Unix system with:
	tar xvfz webc-0.62.tar.gz
The only installation required is to set the top line of webc to the appropriate location of Perl on your system, and to put webc into an appropriate directory which shows up in your search path.

There is a mailing list dedicated to support this package. I use the mailing list to announce new versions, and users can use the list to discuss bugs, interesting uses, or whatever else is appropriate.

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Source for this file can be found in webc.wc.

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Last modified 17 Apr 2001
Dave Regan

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