Predefined functions

There are a number of functions which are predefined. These functions are in no way special, and can be used as a pattern for writing your own functions which you can include with the localcode directive. The output of the these functions is stylized. This is on purpose.

Functions are invoked by saying:

Functions get the text after the function name as a single string parameter which it can use as appropriate.

The standard functions are:

  • Modified This is probably the simplist function. This displays the modification date of the source file into the generated HTML file.
  • HotBar PAGELIST.FILE HOTBAR.FILE This function generates a Hot Button bar when invoked. This function generates a Previous and Next button to thread your pages together for those throwbacks (like me) who want to be able to run through the entire document. The PAGELIST.FILE file contains all of the source files in the appropriate order, one per line. Items in this file can be commented out by putting a "#" as the first character. It is a fairly simple task using the commands find, sort, and diff to ensure that all of the source files actually are in the PAGELIST.FILE file. (See the Makefile for an example.) In addition, the HOTBAR.FILE file contains lines which have a URL followed by a caption. This data is used to contruct a series of buttons with links to the appropriate pages. However, there will be no link which would lead directly back to the page being processed. Note that the PAGELIST.FILE and HOTBAR.FILE are assumed to be relative to the file which #calls the HotBar function. This might be a little surprising if the #call is made from a different directory than the source file is in.

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Source for this file can be found in funcs.wc.

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Last modified 25 Jan 1998
Dave Regan

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