This program is fairly simple to start up. It currently has no flags, just a list of files to process. Probably the simplist way to run this is:

	webc *.wc */*.wc
This will find all files in the current directory and one directory below which end with .wc and convert them to the corresponding .html file.

Other variations would allow this to be used in Makefiles, or to use the find command to find all .wc files in the directory tree and convert them.

In order to support the above calling, it is appropriate to have all of your source files have the same filetype. .wc is not special, but does seem to be adequate. The other aspect of this is to give include files some other filetype, possibly .h. If you include code (i.e. use #localcode), give those files a .lc filetype.

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Source for this file can be found in invoke.wc.

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Last modified 25 Jan 1998
Dave Regan

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