Suggestions for usage

This program can be used in a number of ways to support web documentation. It is really only useful if there are a number of web pages.

The basic idea is to remove redundancy from your web pages. This allows you the freedom of changing style by changing a single place and having that change be implemented through your pages.

The include directive allows you to take out constant boilerplate sections of your work and put them into a single place. Sometime the text will not be quite identical. In that case you can use a variable for the variant part of the text, and set that variable to an appropriate value before including the file.

The define directive lets you set values for things that might change such as contact names, email addresses, version numbers, and the like. Put a number of these definitions together in a project include file and include it at the start of each source file.

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Source for this file can be found in sug.wc.

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Last modified 25 Jan 1998
Dave Regan

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